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Chức danh:


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Địa điểm:

Munich, Germany

Tasks and Responsibilities:

• In charge of the digital marketing activities and graphic design for EMEA

• Stipulate, develop and implement the digital marketing strategy and activities for EMEA based on the local market situation.

• Update and expand EMEA websites as well as associated landing pages and service tools

• Plan and execute the digital marketing activities for EMEA e.g. SEO, SEA, social media, videos/animations, webinar, newsletter

• Design, implement and manage owned digital and social channels and campaigns in line with EMEA marketing strategy and digital objectives

• Manage the existing social media platforms the company currently runs in the region and set up other media platforms that might be important in EMEA.

• Generate content to share across the solar medias about company global updates, company development & activities in EMEA. Ideally, content should meet the information expectations of the local customers.

• Develop suitable digital and social media assets for our own communications channels and those of our customers

• Come up with creative ideas for digital marketing campaigns in which the company promotes specific products among a targeted group of customers.

• Develop and design banners, adverts, brochures, collateral and other marketing material e.g. for exhibitions

• Support target group-specific B2B/B2C online activities on customer/partner websites and online portals

• Identify and adapt relevant digital marketing trends and innovations

• Prepare evaluations and reports on a regularly base in alignment with defined KPIs, setting up analytics to support decision-making and improve channel effectiveness

• Coordinate with the GoodWe EMEA team, HQ and with our customers



• Bachelor's degree and above (business administration/marketing/new media, Graphic Design)

• Several years of professional experience in digital marketing and graphics design with a focus on content management, social media and SEO/SEA (preferably in a technically oriented company, working experience in solar inverter segment or renewables is a plus.)

• Sound knowledge of common SEO tools as well as in dealing with content management systems and tracking tools

• Fluent German and English, any additional language is a plus

• Very good application knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud including video editing

• Strong project management skills as well as conceptual and creative way of thinking

• Good communication and writing skills

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Teamwork spirit, proactive, flexible, structured, dynamic and customer oriented

• Problem solving aptitude

• Availability to travel


If this role looks like your next challenge, please send us your application to


We are looking forward to meeting you!

By submitting your application, you declare that your application data will be saved at GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co.,Ltd., and only for internal purposes in the context of the upcoming application process. If there is no employment, the data will be deleted after six months. The application data are treated confidentially in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and are not passed on to third parties. You can revoke your consent at any time, either by email or in writing by mail to the above address.


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